(NEWSER– A picture of alleged Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis, who was apparently a military contractor, has begun to emerge; now, we're learning about the 12 other people killed in the shooting, which the Washington Post calls "the single worst loss of life in the District" since a 1982 plane crash. The shooting victims were ages 46 to 73, Mayor Vincent Gray says. All were civilians or military contractors, according to the New York Times, and DC police chief Cathy Lanier says at least one was a DC resident. Eight of the victims' names have been released, and the Post has details about their lives:

  • Michael Arnold, 59: He served in the Navy for 29 years and retired as a captain last year. He worked for a government consulting firm and was at the Navy Yard working on a design for amphibious assault ships with a team. He has three sons with his wife of more than 30 years.
  • Arthur Daniels, 51: He was at the Naval Yard for his job installing furniture in federal government buildings. His wife, with whom he has five kids and nine grandkids, calls him "a good father and a hard worker."
  • Sylvia Frasier, 53: Her parents and siblings waited until 10pm last night for news of Frasier, a network-security administrator with the Naval Sea Systems Command. "He killed my sister," sobbed her youngest sister.
  • Kathleen Gaarde, 62: She worked as a financial analyst at the Navy Yard and had just started planning her retirement with her husband of 38 years, with whom she had two children. "Now none of that matters," her husband says. "I already dearly miss her."

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