Strut for a cause and you could get an invite to Cher's MOM-Mosa brunch!

Sista Strut-Augusta is Saturday, May 11th at the Augusta Common.

Join us as we strut for a great cause....the prevention of cancer particularly among African american women.

So many of us have lost loved ones, mothers, sisters, aunts and friends to this devastating disease. Still others, have suffered with women we love as they went through the process and ultimately became survivors. I have many friends who are survivors and many family members who lost their lives to cancer. 

Together on May 11th we strut Mothers Day weekend to celebrate our mothers and to honor those women whose lives have been touched in any way by cancer. It's our way of showing solidarity for each other. Join us for the strut and you'll enjoy so many things from the sisterhood, the female-o-ship and the solidarity to the team party and the inspiration that comes with being in the company of so many amazing sistas. Join us on May 11th at the Augusta Common for Sista Strut 2019.

It really is a life changing event!

Get a team together. Do it in honor of someone or something you love, you mother, grand mother, your church, sorority, business or organization.

****Sign up for a team by April 15th and you automatically qualify to get an invite to Cher's private Mom-Mosa Brunch.

Sign up for Sista Strut here!

Sista Strut Augusta 2019

Sista Strut Augusta 2019

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