Florida Baby Dies After Being Left In Daycare Van In Scorching Heat


A four-month-old infant died after being left in a daycare van by the co-owner of Ewing's Love & Hope Preschool and Academy in Jacksonville, Florida for over five hours as the temperatures soared above 90 degrees. Jacksonville police say that Darryl Ewing arrived at the daycare and unloaded the van full of kids, but forgot that the young girl was still in her car seat.

"The suspect parked the van in front of the daycare and left the vehicle unattended with the victim still strapped in her car seat in the third row of the van," police said in the statement.

Nobody at the daycare center was aware that the young girl was still in the van until five hours later, when her mother called to check in on her daughter. Once they realized the infant had not been checked in, they frantically began searching for her.

When they discovered she was still sitting in the van, they called 911, but paramedics were unable to save the unresponsive child. She was rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Ewing was arrested and is facing one charge of child neglect, while the daycare center had its license temporarily suspended because they did not tell the state they would be transporting children.

"Every day, parents entrust child care providers with their most precious gifts," Florida Department of Children and Families Secretary Chad Poppell said in the statement. "Tragically, today a family has just been notified of the gut-wrenching loss of their precious baby girl."


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