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Tanya Faye Tripp is now headed to court on May 28 after nearly a year!

In March of 2018, human remains were found in a wooded area behind a home on Golden Camp Road. The Richmond County Sheriff's Office excavated the site and the body was sent to the GBI Crime Lab for identification. Using dental records, officials were able to identify the remains as 16-year-old Latania Janell Carwell.

Janell Carwell was last seen alive on Apr. 17, 2017. At the time, investigators believed that she left with her stepfather, Leon Tripp, to help a friend with car troubles.The Richmond County Sheriff's Office initially announced that Leon Tripp was wanted for her kidnapping. Latania’s mother, Tonya Tripp, pleaded with the public through various media outlets and even social medis to help find her daughter. On May 23, 2017 Leon Tripp was arrested in DeKalb County.

Tonya Tripp was arrested the same day after Richmond County Investigators found that she had lied to them and had actually moved out of her Augusta home, headed to Atlanta to be with Leon Tripp.

Sheriff Richard Roundtree announced the investigation was no longer a missing persons investigation and instead had become an active homicide investigation on June 12, 2017,

In March 2018, Latania Carwell’s body was found buried in a shallow grave near her Augusta home.

Tanya Faye Tripp is now headed to jury court on Tuesday, May 28 after nearly a year. The community continues to mourn the loss of Latania Carwell with remembrance ceremonies.

Our news partsners WRDW News 12/ NBC 26 has more on this story (Click Here)

Sheriff Roundtree's Press Conference (Augusta Chronicle)

Tuesday morning March 13, 2018 at the Richmond County Sheriff's Office in

Augusta, Ga.

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