Locals Were iHop-ping Mad after Charges on Their Credit Cards! Details Here

Listeners across the CSRA were IHOPPING MAD and say they saw charges on their credit cards from a local IHOP. 

In a statement from an iHop spokesperson, the charges viewers are seeing on their bank statements are not duplicates but rather a delayed:

“We understand from our Augusta, GA franchisee that they are aware of an incident that occurred with their credit card transactions in February of 2021. A technical error was made that resulted in a delay of these transactions being processed. Our franchisee has confirmed that these charges were not duplicated, but they were not processed at the time of transaction. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused for our guests. We encourage any guests who have additional questions regarding this matter to please reach out toguest.relations@ihop.com.” – IHOP Spokesperson

At this time, many of the IHOP locations in the CSRA remain closed. Patrons of IHop who saw the charges say they went to a local iHop only to find that they were closed at this time.