Racist Promposal Out of Evans Highschool Sparks Outrage! MUST READ

The prom, is one of the time honored traditions that most high-school teenagers look forward to. I have memories of my prom, so when I read about this particular promposal, I wondered by what stretch of the imagination did someone think this was a good idea to do or even ok to do.

The gist of the story is : A racist ‘promposal’ was shown on a Facebook post and sparked, shock, confusion and conversations among Columbia County parents and school alums. It also has many questioning if it was handled properly by the district.

"The promposal appears to read, If I was black, I'd be picking cotton, but I'm white so I'm picking you for prom."

Our news partners WRDW News 12/ NBC 26 shared this story last night. Although I was not surprised by it, I was very curious to know what your thoughts were about it. Share your comments on the 96.3 Kiss FM Facebook page.

WRDW News 12/ NBC 26 has more on the story.

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