AUG Teen Twins Debut in Netflix Movie!! GO Maya and Tayla Rogers!!!

Maya and Tayla Rogers are no strangers to 96.3 Kiss FM, Fattz and Cher or the Augusta community. Look up kind hearted girls in the dictionary and you may just see their photo. Now the two are in a movie!

The thirteen year old twins have quiet a great reputation for giving back to the community including supporting the homeless, giving gifts to first responders and supporting the Children's Hospital of Georgia (CHOG).Their faces can be seen on a billboard to promote supporting the CHOG as well.

If that is not enough, now you can catch them appearing in a new movie on Netflix!

Their mother is part of a casting group and submitted them for a casting job that was looking for feature twins. The casting team later responded saying they were the “perfect fit.”

The name of the movie is Fear Street, NOW on Netflix. (See here for more on the movie)


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