Additional Schools Close Due to Delta Variant! Updated numbers by counties!

Screven County School district is closing schools starting Thursday as a result of positive covid numbers from the Delta variant. The district closings will last through Labor Day according to officials. Screven County, students are scheduled to return on Tuesday, Sept. 7.

The school systems in Burke, Taliaferro and Glascock counties also shut down because of the coronavirus delta variant surge. The new variant of coronavirus is more contagious than its predecessor and children are more vulnerable to it.

See below most recent numbers reported:

Burke County Public Schools, 57 students and six faculty members have been infected. The school district has 4,011 students.

Columbia County School System, 103 students and 17 employees cases had been infected as of Friday. Masks are not mandatory in the 28,503-student district but are strongly encouraged.

Richmond County School System, 71 students and 18 faculty members have been infected as of Friday. Masks are mandatory in the with 29,093-student district.

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