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That's A Girl Car

Over Fancy

Joe and Jaz return for episode 19! Get ready for a ride as they debate "over fancy" weddings, Jaz shares her feelings on the upcoming The Sims movie, and Joe gets real about his *least* favorite reality TV show.

Learn which books they read first, ever, in this week's fun fact. 

It Feels Good to Curse!

Joe and Jaz (missing Marris this episode!) dive into Women's History Month celebrations, Joe's 20-year anniversary on V103 and his friendship with the legendary Herb Kent, how using "eloquent" language feels good sometimes -- and we learn what their favorite seasons are in this week's fun fact.

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Roses Are Red

Love is in the air on episode 17 as Joe, Marris and Jaz talk last minute V-Day plans, share a recap of the 2024 Superbowl, say hi to Instagram live and everyone shares a freestyle love poem.

Love Castle

Joe, Marris and Jaz talk about the upcoming SuperBowl and their favorite snacks, we had an Elmo inspired mental health check-in, Marris announced a big win, and we learned that Valentine's Day has a new meaning - LOVE CASTLE.

Generational Great

The word of the day with The Pod Squad is: greatness. Joe, Marris and Jaz talk about great movies, athletes, the greatness of Prince -- and some confessions are dropped along the way.

People Are Weird Like That

Happy New Year! 2024 is here, and Joe, Marris & Jaz have returned. They kick off the year talking Gypsy Rose's release, their resolutions (or lack thereof), the worst movies they've ever seen and their favorite throwback slang words.

Midwest Mean Equals Nice

Lucky number 13 with Joe and Jaz! This time they're talking superstitions gone too far, the depths of the Midwestern persona and their favoriite things about Thanksgiving. Happy holidays, and in Jaz's best Marris voice -- Pod Squad forever!

That Should Be Illegal

Joe and Jaz return for episode 12! They debate things that "should" be illegal but aren't, Joe freestyles a new song, they talk about their favorite (strange) food combinations, and why we should all know less about each other.


The Pod Squad is back for episode 11! Joe, Marris and Jaz reflect on the 2023 VMAs vs. how award shows used to be, reveal the "unwritten rules" when dating them (note: do NOT ask Jaz what she's doing every 5 minutes) and share their thoughts on dating with age gaps.